About me and my horses


I was born and raised in Germany where I began my career as a professional rider/trainer and horse breeder.

33 years ago I came to Kefalonia and immediately fell in love with the island; it was onward from that I had the idea to open my own stable here and I haven’t looked back since!

I have ten well-trained horses waiting for you to explore the beautiful ancient island on horseback. The horses are mainly Haflingers that originate from Bavaria and northern Italy.

Their breed is known for being calm, good weight carriers and sure-footed in the mountains. I also have two Berber-Arab-Haflinger-Mix horses. All my horses are trained by me and the majority has also been bred on the island by me.

Aside from being good for trekking, my horses also have a background in dressage and are available for riding lessons in our open arena (20×40). The horses all live in big open paddocks with sheltered barns and trees to keep them cool in the summer.

The team at the stables can speak a variety of English, German, and Greek! We provide group trekking up to 11 people if needed for scout groups, school trips or big families for beginners or experience competition riders! For beginners we will have you on a rope next to the horse the guides will be riding if you would like.

We hope to welcome you in our stable and come and explore the most beautiful island!