Only possible in April/May and September/October

7 nights, 7 x breakfast and 2 lunch, 25 hours riding

One night sleep in hunting house with bunk beds or tents depending on the preferences of the customers and the weather

PRICE: 850 €

Day 1

We ride through an old donkey trail to an old village where there is a wine place, we visit another village ruined by the 1953 earthquake and we enjoy the beautiful view over Ithaka and Lefkas.

Day 2

We climb up in the mountains until 1000mtr. high to 2000-3000years old olive trees with a breath taking view over the island Ithaky and Lefkada until the main land and the bay off Sami!

Day 3

We ride in the countryside and we clime up again with horses to an old village from the earthquake broken ! Again you have a great view over the valley around the area! On this ride you look the beauty from countryside a other side of Kefalonia !

Day 4

This ride will bring you to 4 old villages from the earthquake broken with a great view over the valley and the Cyprus tree forest ! We pass again some old historic buildings and you will get a feeling how was living the Greeks before 300 years until the big earthquake 1953!

Day 5 & 6

This Trip bring us to an old riverbed, an old olivgrouve and we will pass two old ruined village from the earthquake (Filmplace Capitain corellis) there we will have a picnic. From there we continue high up in the mountains and stay over night in tents or sleep under the sky and have a candlelight dinner with house wine. The next day on the way back to the stable we will pass by the sea and we continue the way up through the mountains and have a wonderful view to the country- and seaside. Also we can change the ride and to go to a monastery and after to a beautiful beach where we go swimming with the horses and we sleep on the beach! On a campfire we make our BBQ!